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Sherlock Holmes Big Bang
How to Turn in Your Fic & Art Final Drafts 
17th-Jan-2013 01:41 am
Star Trek - Kirk captains chair
Okay, its time guys!

Final fic and art drafts are due January 20th, 2013 give or take a few hours (or even a day, just get it in so we don't panic and send you frantic PMs please :D)

Please follow these instructions to submit your final fic and art drafts. This way we can know where people are and where to put them in the posting schedule (so authors and artists that are done will go towards the beginning, while ones that need a bit more time will be scheduled towards the end).

IF YOU AREN'T FINISHED DON'T WORRY! That is why we asked for you to tell us if its complete or not, we will try to work those people that need more time later on in the schedule.

Email to sherlockholmesbigbang@gmail.com

Subject line Fic - Fic Title - Username - Complete/Incomplete (make sure you put which one applies to your fic)

Percentage Complete -
Do you need time for it to be beta'd?
Days between February 1st - February 7th that you can't post on -

Username -
Title -
Word Count -
Type -
Characters/Pairings -

Then attach your fic as a doc, docx, or rtf format.

Email to sherlockholmesbigbang@gmail.com

Subject line Art - Fic Title - Username - Complete/Incomplete (make sure you put which one applies to your art)

Percentage Complete -
Days between February 1st - February 7th that you can't post on -

Then either attach the artwork or a link to where you will be hosting it.

As fics and art come in they will be put into a posting schedule, the posting schedule will be up by January 25th at the latest - sooner if everyone gets their stuff in. Posting instructions will be posted after the posting schedule goes up.

If you can't turn anything in and want to drop out of the challenge email us or comment here to let us know ASAP.
18th-Jan-2013 02:25 am (UTC)
Ok, I'm a little confused. Are we sending you the current art/story drafts so you can see where we're at and not just have to take us on our word? Or are you guys going to post what we send you for some reason? ok, that's not it since you mentioned posting instructions and stuff.
19th-Jan-2013 10:25 am (UTC)
You will be posting yourself! And the draft is so we can see and have one on file. It's not that we don't trust you guys, it's just easier for us to be able to check. I've also found modding big bangs it helps to have things sent to the mod (in case author's lose their fics, artists lose their art, author's haven't shared fics with the artists, or artists haven't shared art with the authors).
20th-Jan-2013 11:48 pm (UTC)
Fic will be in today, but I'm working the closing shift so I won't be able to send it until around 11PST. Just as a heads up. :)
21st-Jan-2013 07:20 am (UTC)
That is absolutely fine!
27th-Jan-2013 11:52 pm (UTC)
Any word on a posting schedule yet? :D?
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